Quality of a Conqueror: Meekness


Holy Spirit has been leading me into his heavenly qualities, and showing me some incredible things!

A quality of his nature that I’ve been learning on a daily basis is meekness. My desire for this post is to give understanding as to what meekness is. To tell you the truth, I believe all of us already have meekness.  I also believe that we will truly continue to conquer as we apply this virtue in our lives!


Power restrained. That’s meekness.

Powerful knowledge withheld for the sake of love. That’s meekness

Meekness is having so much glory going on inside that you can talk for hours, but you don’t say much.

Meekness in action is grabbing with both hands the sides of your heart and stretching that thing over a situation, over a circumstance, or over a person’s life.

Meekness is the art of resisting what could be beneficial to do or say, but instead is withheld because the powerful act to withhold is really a more effective way to express love in that situation.

Each time I exercise meekness, I feel an explosion of the fruit of self-control tingle in my body. It makes me feel so alive. It’s the heart of the Father, I believe. He could easily become impatient with us in our inexperience, but instead he just gently pursues us with his loving kindness to see us through. He sees past the imperfect behavior traits, and expresses his heart of validation.

Meekness says “I love you” when it’s more natural to criticize. Walking in meekness is walking in power.


Psalm 37:11 But the meek shall inherit the earth,
And shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.

My conviction is that “inheriting the earth” is being positioned by God into seats of great influence and leadership somewhere in the Earth. Authority from God.

We need to stretch our hearts out with both hands, cover people, and speak life when it’s not looking too good. God wants us to partner with him and show us amazing destiny, but we can’t handle it unless we partner with his meekness.


As we grow deeper into the knowledge and experience of our wonderful heavenly Father, we begin learning more about his character. We begin understanding more of his nature, and in return we become inspired to demonstrate his likeness in our personal lives. This is our response to being an audience to his greatness. We are provoked to replicate that of which he does, because we have been born of him!

God calls us “more than conquerors” in Christ. This is because he is encouraging all of us to be like himself, echoing to his kids his very personality to conquer.

You’re amazing, go ahead and be meek!

Stay fired up,

Ryan Groth